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Welcome to Reggae North Radio, the location for those of you who have a high appreciation for music presented by our selectors / D.J's and or sound systems. Our mission is to provide the best in online radio content and entertainment.

Something About Us
By Reggae North    Oct 1, 2023

Reggae North Radio is your ultimate destination for a seamless reggae music experience that transcends borders. Our mission is to deliver top-notch reggae programming to online listeners worldwide, uniting enthusiasts in a global hub of reggae music and culture. We pride ourselves on syndicating some of the finest presenters from around the globe, ensuring diverse and high-quality content that caters to all forms of reggae music. In addition, our programs are enriched with the latest news and exclusive interviews, offering a comprehensive and immersive reggae experience. Reggae North Radio is more than just a station; we're a global hotspot where music never ends.

In addition, our programs are enriched with the latest news and exclusive interviews.
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Canada has long been a hidden gem in the reggae world, and “Reggae North” aims to change that narrative. Tony Anthony, a veteran in the reggae scene, expresses his enthusiasm for this opportunity: “Canada has always been a hotspot for reggae and dancehall in terms of yearly shows and festivals featuring Jamaican stars, yet little is known about the talented artists that reside and ply their craft here.” With the addition of “Reggae North” to this online musical platform it is expected to bring Canadian reggae talent to the forefront. A place to listen Canadian content 24/7, also bringing you the best in mainstream and underrated Caribbean music. This is the place to see growth in Canadian content at it's best, if you're an artist, musician, music producer, promotor, manager, publicist, videographer or disc jockey. You can support Reggae North Radio by Submitting your music and videos or liking us on social media. Click on the icons below to our social media channels.

Reggae North Radio also offers paid audio and video sponsored content posts. This give’s artists, producers, record labels and others a chance to feature their songs, videos or projects at varying and reasonable costs.

Our Program
Our program line up and online DJs / selectors/ Host, are ready to serve your PC, Mobile Devices, Vehicles, Home Audio Entertainment System and Workplace Audio PA or Audio Ready Workstatons.
DJ Scabba G, Saturdays @ 8 PM - 11 PM
Wayne Jones AKA Scabba G is a name synonymous with community radio in Toronto. For over 20 years, he has worked at CIUT 89.5 FM as the host of Morning Ride on Monday mornings and more recently, on Steady Vybz on Saturday mornings.
Steady Vybz
Ole a Vybz with Scabba G, streaming live out of Toronto Canada.
DJ Richie B, Monday to Friday @ 7 AM to 10 AM 

The "Richard "Richie B" Burgess Morning Show" is the ultimate morning wake-up call, airing Monday to Friday from 7:00AM to 10:00AM. Bursting with excitement and energy, this prime-time show is a rollercoaster ride of fun and variety. Hosted by the charismatic Richie B and his dynamic team.

The "Richie B Morning Show" is the ultimate morning wake-up call.
Streaming live from Reggae North Radio, Jamaica.
DJ Tony Anthony, Mondays @ 7 PM to 9 PM, Wednesdays @ 7 PM to 9 PM, Saturdays @ 1 PM - 4 PM and Sundays @ 2 PM to 5 PM

Tune in with award-winning reggae artist Tony Anthony broadcasting live every week on "Reggae North Jam, Canada Also treaming live on WJUP 103.9 LP FM in South Florida USA.

"Solutions" Wednesdays, Mid- Week Madness "Saturday Live" and  "Reggae North Jam Oldies Edition".
Streaming live from Reggae North Radio, Toronto, Canada.
DJ Lloyd Jayzas, Sundays @11 AM - 1 PM
Singer | DJ | Radio Presenter Lloyd Jayzas live from the UK each and every Sunday for the The Lloyd Best Show. "So for entertainment galore, login for sure, because we've got it in store". Join Lloyd Jayzas during brunch or Lunch, share the Love and have some fun on www.raggaenorthradio.com.
"The Lloyd Best Show  Every Sunday"
Lloyd Jayzas invites you to join him for some sweet Reggae music, Soul, R&B and More...

Artist Spotlight

As an artist; getting public attention while showcasing your talent when on stage, in a music video, on the big screen, or on television. Our mission is to also bring exposure to your craft.
Tony Anthony

5-time Juno nominee, Reggae Princess

Kirk Diamond
Juno Winner, singer, songwriter, producer

Tonya P
First Lady, Soulful Reggae Vocalist

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Reggae North is a group based in Canada that is comprised of artists, musicians, producers working together to promote their work.

Geographical Location: Toronto City in Ontario
Phone: (647)-608-5871
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